Over the last three days the TTPS conducted numerous patrols which led to 245 persons being ticketed for failing to wear a face mask and 30 persons arrested for breaching the curfew. Details follow in this press release from the TTPS:

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) continued to enforce the law during the Republic Day weekend, where 1,210 patrols were conducted during the period, with 469 patrols being carried out on Republic Day.

These patrols and exercises led to 245 tickets being issued to persons for failing to wear face masks during the Republic Day long weekend, from Friday 24th September 2021 to Sunday 26th September, 2021.

On Republic Day, 120 tickets were issued, which represents the highest number of tickets issued so far for the month of September. This figure mirrors the 126 face mask tickets, which were issued on Independence Day in August.

However, there was a steady decrease in tickets issued as the weekend progressed, as 89 tickets were issued on Saturday 25th September, 2021 and 38 were issued on Sunday 26th September, 2021. The 245 tickets issued over the weekend brought the number of tickets issued for failing to wear face masks to 17,867.

During the three-day weekend, 30 persons were also arrested for breaching the curfew. The highest occurrence took place on Republic Day when 17 persons were arrested. Twelve of those arrested were detained during an exercise in Sangre Grande, on Republic Day.

Five persons were arrested on Saturday 25th September, 2021, and eight were arrested on Sunday 26th September, 2021 for breach of curfew. During the State of Emergency, a total of 1,790 persons have been arrested for breaching the curfew.

Fourteen persons were also arrested for breach of the Public Health Ordinance, where seven persons were arrested on Republic Day. To date, 1,626 persons have been arrested for this offence.

The TTPS takes this opportunity to remind the public of their responsibility to adhere to the Public Health Regulations and all Covid-19 protocols.