Family members of Noel Diamond, inset, speak to each other at the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park yesterday.

Lawyers representing two of the men who were shot dead in Morvant on Saturday have written to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith seeking an extensive investigation into the killings.

Autopsies yesterday revealed that the three men died of external and internal haemorrhaging consistent with multiple gunshot wounds.

Residents of Second Caledonia, Morvant protested yesterday over the killings.

The protestors blocked streets with tyres and other debris which they lit on fire. Fire appliances from the nearby Morvant and San Juan fire stations responded to extinguish fires in three locations.

The men, who were identified as Israel Clinton, Noel Diamond and Joel Jacob were killed by police after being stopped in a gold Tiida vehicle while driving along Second Caledonia.

Families of Clinton and Diamond sent a 16-page legal document by representing law firm CJ Williams & Co to the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

“The investigation must determine whether or not there was a breach of the right of life. The investigation must seek to identify not only direct perpetrators but also all others who were responsible for the death, including, for example, officials in the chain of command who were complicit in the death.

“The investigation should seek to identify any failure to take reasonable measures which could have had a real prospect of preventing the death. It should also seek to identify policies and systematic failures that may have contributed to a death, and identify patterns where they exist,” the letter stated.

It also called for the investigation to be independent and impartial.

During yesterday’s protests, residents held their hands up in the air to reflect CCTV footage that showed the driver and Jacob doing the same, moments before they were killed.

Police reports had stated that Jacob, who had come out the vehicle, with his hands up, returned to the back seat of the car and pointed a gun at one of the officers, causing them to open fire.

Clinton’s relatives who were at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday said they will do all the “right things” and “take all the right steps” to clear his name and to get justice.

They disclosed that six years ago Clinton was a victim of severe police brutality and after winning his matter in court, was pursuing a lawsuit against the officers involved.

“About six years ago he was beaten by police. He was in a car that crashed and everybody came out and ran but he remained and because he did not tell the police who was the driver the police beat him very badly, fracturing his jaw and one of his foot was in cast for a while. He was even in the hospital for three weeks and when he was discharged they charged him for stealing a car but he won his case and he was suing them now,” the relative said.

The relative asked, “For the past two years he was always being stopped by the police and being harassed for no reason at all. He didn’t even know why. He was not the type to be liming and drinking heavy rum and even smoking. He hustled as a private hired driver for people in the area.”

Clinton was the father of three children aged seven, three and two. Another relative said Clinton was taking Jacob to get drinks and was then supposed to go and pick up his daughter.

“Up to now the child keep asking where her father is and the mother do not know what to tell her. His name is tarnished right now because first, it was all over that he had killed a police officer but that wasn’t so.”

“We expect the police to act on this situation,” the relative added.