The 2020 election has caused a “racial war” amongst our citizens. We have seen leaders step aside but most importantly we are seeing democracy in action.

I’ve looked on in amusement as many criticize the United National Congress for opting to have a recount in 5 marginal seats and I’m astonished that so many people are willing dismiss our democratic processes just because of the political party they support.

I believe the attempt at the recount is so much more than the actual number of ballots cast. It’s the process that will have real benefit to Trinidad and Tobago. If the recount does not bring a change to the results or if it does, is beside the point I’m about to make.

This recount process and questions raised are of critical importance for us as a country moving forward.

Given that we can only see flaws in our election process every 5 years, we must take the opportunity to deal with them as they arise. If not, we will continue to have flawed elections.

In 2015 we learned, through the concerns raised by the UNC, that the EBC acted illegally by extending the voting time. While it did not change the results of the election, a valuable lesson was learnt and is one which will now be the standard for decades to come.

If the UNC, and by extension the process, is now able to find further flaws, even just one, in this election, it will be a precedent moving forward. Hence, the process should be allowed to continue, despite the statements being made in the public. If we miss flaws now, they will continue in the next cycle. It’s not just about getting into government, but about making sure that our systems do not fail us.

The UNC is doing nothing unlawful. This is a democracy and if there are flaws in how we elect a government, it must be found and dealt with. After all, we want to see democracy in action.

The issue raised by the government that they want to put together a cabinet to take us forward is really a non issue. The President has already said the Prime Minister and the cabinet remains until another is sworn in. This process should not stop you from governing, so do your job and let the process be completed. I expect the government use this situation to blame the Opposition for future problems. But it’s important to remember that they are in charge and should carry on and let our democracy work for us.

One more thing, why is it do difficult for the PM to show us the letter from CARICOM which tells of the reasons for their non participation in the election?

Let us all be true patriots and let democracy work for us! Let Trinidad and Tobago be a democracy!