Given the current partial lockdown, many organisations, offices, schools, associations, community groups and faith-based bodies have continued functioning mainly by maintaining contact with their workers and members using online platforms.

This is an ideal time for such groups to provide health education features to their workers and members, given the concern of citizens with building their immunity in light of the significant increase in COVID-19 deaths in the past three weeks with most of the victims described as having co-morbidities or pre-existing health conditions.

Many people have recognised the importance of paying more attention to their health in order to try to curb the onset of NCDs.

September can be considered Health Promotion Month when one considers the month’s health calendar:

September 7-13 Global Week for Action on NCDs

September 12 Caribbean Wellness Day

September 21 – World Alzheimer’s Day

September 29 -World Heart Day

September is also World Alzheimer’s Month and Healthy Aging Month.

This month’s health calendar provides opportunities for companies, faith-based bodies, NGOs, PTAs and other groups to arrange for online presentations and features on some aspects of health and wellbeing, especially in view of the current health crisis facing the citizenry because of COVID-19.

Ian Green,