A man looks at a notice on the gates of the Ministry of Transport’s Licensing Division in San Fernando yesterday.

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Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke has revealed that when the Licensing Division finally reopens next week, staffing will be at 50 per cent capacity.

Staff members reported to their respective workstations yesterday to discuss the new rollout of working arrangements.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Clarke said only half of the staffing will be working at a time and not all services will be available to the public when the Licensing Division reopens.

“The meeting went well and our objective was to inform the staff about the new working arrangements which will be at 50 per cent,” Clarke said.

“We also briefed the staff about the phased reopening procedures and once we get final approval for the reopening, we will be sharing those procedures with the media.”

He added, “We will disclose formally what services are offered and what quantity of persons will be allowed.”

He said COVID measures among staff were also discussed and there was an open forum at the Caroni office that allowed people to voice their concerns.

Clarke said he received no reports or complaints from the staffers during or after the meeting.

“The meeting yesterday was successful and we had a good turnout, so we are looking forward to final endorsements. We have not had any major concerns raised and we want to assure the public that once we are called upon to reopen, we will be ready to serve,” he said.

Earlier this week, an internal memo which mandated staff to report at their work stations yesterday was leaked on social media. However, some staff members objected to this, saying not enough people had been vaccinated and they felt unsafe about interacting with the public when COVID infections were still high.