Licensing Office at Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

Staff members at the Wrightson Road Licensing Officers are alleging that their health during the COVID-19 pandemic is being compromised and taken for granted.

They said they are forced to bring their own cleaning supplies and sanitisers to clean their respective areas at work.

The claims are being looked into by the Transport Commissioner.

The staffers also alleged that they are also made to clean their own workstations because the cleaners are allegedly not receiving any supplies.

Speaking with the Guardian Media, a staff member, who did not wish to be named, claimed that frequently touched areas at the offices are not being sanitised throughout the day. Toilet paper provision for the use of staff is also an issue.

“We also have to bring our own toilet paper as the ministry does not provide this basic necessity.”

Workers also alleged that despite being rostered three days a week on different days, they are now being given contradictory information.

“Now, from September 13, we were told that we have to work every day and work through our lunch hour as they want to have a lunch time service,” the employee said.

The employee said other workers at the Licensing Office fear that when they resume work in full it will cause overcrowding at the offices putting their health and safety at further risk.

Guardian Media was told by a senior staff member that temperature guns were only dispatched last Thursday but added that the rest of the issues remain unresolved.

Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke, in an immediate response to the allegations levelled against the Licensing Office, said he “sincerely appreciates the fact that clarification is sought.”

He also assured that he will “carbon copy” the questions and information sent to him by the Guardian Media to the “Permanent Secretary and Administrative Office IV and Administrative Officer II in order to keep them in the loop of things regarding this matter.”

However, questions sent to the Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan since Friday morning remained unanswered up to press time.