Toddler, ROMELU AMANI DRAKES, reportedly drowned at a pool on his school compound on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

More than a month after little Romelu Drakes drowned in a swimming pool at his school, his family is consumed by grief and heartache and still searching for answers.

“We’re not coping, it’s only 48 days and we still haven’t found ourselves back. His death has changed my family, everyone is sad and down and in grief,” said his father Shion Drakes in a WhatsApp message on Monday evening.

He said it’s difficult for them to adjust to the emptiness and vacuum that Romelu’s death has left.

Two-year-old Romelu drowned in a pool at Ehthos Speech Therapy School in Esperanza Village, Couva, on March 16. He would have celebrated his third birthday on April 23.

Just before his aunt arrived to pick him up from school, police were told that Romelu somehow found his way to the pool and drowned.

Relatives told police that his aunt, who was unaware of what was happening, sat in the car for about 15 minutes waiting for Romelu.

But instead, the owner of the school called her inside.

She was told that Romelu fell into the pool and they did CPR but he was not responding. The aunt along with the owner took the child to the Couva Health Facility but it was too late.

His parents blamed the school and called for answers.

To date, the parents are still awaiting word from the police investigating their son’s death.

“We’re being patient with the investigation. We know the health care system is overwhelmed and a lot of people are in quarantine but we are working with the police whenever they need something. I don’t want to talk too much about that.”

Meanwhile, the grieving father said officials from the school never reached out to the family since his son’s death.

“I don’t know what’s happening with that and no they never called us.”

Drakes said he went back to work because he could not stay home any longer.

“I went back to work it is difficult but I’m forcing myself every day to make it out there and back. I have no choice.”

In the early stages, the Homicide Bureau was involved in the investigation but are no longer on the case.

Couva police are now investigating.

Romelu’s funeral took place on March 24 at the Balmain Worship Centre.