Santa Cruz residents view the body of local dancehall artiste Brad Bailey who was murdered on Blackford Street, Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz, yesterday.

Another local dancehall artiste, named Brad Bailey was shot dead in Santa Cruz yesterday.

Guardian Media was informed that a video circulating on social media of Bailey may have cost him his life.

The artiste openly condemned and threatened the A-B-G gang—which means anybody gets it.

Hours after the video, Bailey was gunned down on Blackford Street, Santa Cruz.

Police said that from all indications, the murder was gang related.

Sources told Guardian Media that the Rasta and Muslim gangs signed a peace treaty, but no treaty was signed with the ABG gang.

Sources confirmed that there is currently a feud between the Rasta and A-B-G gangs.

Bailey was well known on the Zesser party scene and was affiliated to local recording label Ztekk Empire, operated by local dancehall artist Prince Swanny.

Many of Bailey’s fans were at the scene of his murder while many took to social media to share their condolences.

According to reports, Bailey was walking through a track between Bath and Blackford Streets, near Jigga Hill, Cantaro Village, in upper Santa Cruz, when he was ambushed by a lone gunman and shot about the body

He died at the scene. Police are continuing inquiries.

This is the second local dancehall artiste to be murdered in recent time. In 2020, another local artiste—Rebel Sixx—was also murdered.