The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Senator the Honourable Haji Kazim Hosein, hosted a meeting to chart the way forward in the Digital Transformation of Local Government.

Present at the meeting were Minister of Digital Transformation, the Honourable Hassel Bacchus, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for Communications, the Honourable Symon De Nobriga, Senator Laurel Lezama–Lee-Sing, Permanent Secretary inthe Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, Ms. Desdra Bascombe, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Claudelle McKellar and all Mayors and Chairmen of the municipal corporations. Also present virtually were the Chief Executive Officers of the corporations.

In his welcome remarks, Minister Hosein reflected on the importance of Digital Transformation within the sector and moreover this transformation would further improve the delivery of services as the ministry works towards local government reform.

Similarly, Senator Lezama Lee-Sing emphasised the need to strengthen national agencies through digital transformation, highlighting that the place to start was at the local government level, likening the country to the human body and expressing that local government would be the veins through which the lifeblood was delivered.

Minister Bacchus expressed his great enthusiasm and pleasure at being present, indicating that he jumped at the opportunity to have this very pertinent meeting as Local Government Reform was soon to come. He coined his Ministry’s definition of Digital Transformation as “A new way to organize end to end delivery of goods and services to customers using appropriate digital technology”. Minister Bacchus pledged to work in an All of Government approach to digitally transform government services, he indicated that this process is not new and some elements have already undergone change. He encouraged the municipal corporations to digitize and assured them that they would still own their data.

In closing the meeting, Minister Hosein addressed all the concerns of the mayors and chairmen and assured that the Ministry of Digital Transformation would not be leaving anyone behind.

Both Minister Hosein and Minister Bacchus agreed that there would be a series of meetings with the Mayors and Chairmen, in their own spaces, to ascertain their needs, both common and unique. In these meetings, at each of the municipalities, their processes and functions will be observed and digital technology would be applied on top of those.

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for Communications, the Honourable Symon De Nobriga pledged his support of the initiative through government communications.

Senator Hosein commended the Mayors, Chairmen and CEOs for their support as the Ministry continues to execute its mandate while observing our motto, “Putting People First”.