Ronaldo London

Reigning Calypso Monarch, Ronaldo London, will performs last in the Calypso Monarch finals after 11 other challengers try to snatch his crown tomorrow night.

All 12 finalists drew for positions at the Kaiso House tent around the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday afternoon.

They will each perform two songs in the Calypso Monarch finals from 7:30pm on the Queen’s Park Savannah stage tomorrow.

Here is the order of performances:

1 Michelle Henry

2 Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust)

3 Kurt Allen

4 Brian London

5 Karene Asche

6 Winston Peters (Gypsy)

7 Rondell Donawa

8 Terri Lyons

9 Heather McIntosh

10 Sonia Francis (Singing Sonia)

11 Duane O’Connor

12 Ronaldo London (reigning monarch)