Customers wait in line to shop at Massy Superstore, La Romaine, yesterday.

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Customers lined up outside supermarkets in south Trinidad yesterday as staff implemented strict COVID-19 protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

At Pennywise Mall in La Romaine, security personnel ensured social distancing before customers were allowed to come inside the store.

The usual temperature checks and sanitisation took place.

Caution tape was used to block off access to some aisles which sold non-essential products such as hair accessories.

At Pricesmart Membership Club, staff monitored the influx of people, allowing only a certain quota to go upstairs.

Only one person per cardholder was allowed to enter the store.

At Massy Superstore in La Romaine, there was a line of shoppers waiting to enter the store. Security personnel monitored the entrance of shoppers ensuring that people continued to be socially distanced.

On the streets of San Fernando, there was a line-up to enter the three banks.

A man who was not wearing his mask properly was ticketed by the police.