Patrons waiting for the Karukera One Love Festival at Maracas Bay to start.

The Karukera One Love Festival at Maracas Bay has been delayed by over an hour.

Billed to kick off at 1 pm with a list of top performers who include Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Elephant Man and Kees the festival did not start on time, as patrons have been forced to stand in the blistering sun until the gates are opened.

As scantily clad patrons waited on the beach to enter the event, a shower came down forcing many to scamper under two tents pitched on the beach.

However, many of the patrons who spoke with Guardian Media said they were neither upset by the long wait nor the controversial stage in the sea being moved from the seabed to the shoreline.

Up to 2 pm, a stage for VIP patrons was still bring constructed on the beach part of which had been fenced.