First of all, in this time of “ Politically Correct” let me say unapologetically that I am a converted Roman Catholic and attempt to follow the Word of Christ.

Having cleared that up I want to express my hope that I can get my opinion across without offending anyone.

As I read today’s readings I was struck by the dream of someone observing all the uncovered graves of the past and the enormous mound of bones! No particular color but only bones.

When, I wonder, will we the human race recognize that the color of the skin is not what differentiates us but rather our behaviors.

When will we, the Citizens of T&T, makeup our minds to UNITE , and forgive every color and Creed for past mistakes?

Our Prime Minister calls for responsibility which is of course another way of saying “ we must Love one another “ !

Can we live certain int he knowledge that the new Cabinet will aim to do the following?:

1) ensure that all can afford a balanced diet

2) ensure that all homes have running water and Electricity

3) ensure that public transport is available and affordable

4) improve on drainage to prevent flooding

5) encourage the Private Sector to provide Employment

Only after that has been achieved should we turn our attention to entertainment ! Is this logical or what??

Winning the election is only the start of the race, now for the Hard Work.

God Bless, as the old folks used to say!

Chris Knaggs


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