Marvin “Swappi” Davis, left, poses with his award after receiving it from NACC chairman Embau Moheni during the 33rd NACC awards ceremony at Naparima Bowl, San Fernando.

Reigning Calypso Monarch Terri Lyons prove she was worthy of another title and was promptly awarded Calypso of the Year for the song Meghan My Dear by the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, on Saturday.

Even before accepting the prestigious award, Lyons performed a polished version of the song written by fellow calypsonian Maria Bhola at the NACC’s 33rd annual calypso awards function.

The NACC presented its Top 20 Stars of Gold awards to 20 entertainers and Calypso of the Year award at the event, which was held in memory of comedian and entertainer Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, who died recently.

Lyons topped after it was narrowed down to a field of five calypsonians this year. The organisers revealed that she competed against Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung, Nailah Blackman, the duo of Neil “Iwer” George and Kees Diffenthaller and Winston “Gypsy” Peters for the prestigious title.

San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello said the songs performed will be missed during the carnival season, and it was well worth the effort by organisers of the show and urged virtual viewers to make a donation to the cause.

“Somewhere along the line, we are missing that special ingredient (calypsos). I don’t know what happened; that attractiveness that made us come to these shows. I want to commend NACC for what they have been doing for the past 33 years and keeping this alive,” Regrello said.

Lyons also echoed similar sentiments during her command performance.

“I’m very grateful for 2020, as much as all that is going on, let us continue supporting calypso. And I am not saying this because I am up here, this is something that we need to do more a little more,” Lyons said.

Regrello said Skinner Park in San Fernando, the home of Calypso Fiesta and many other events, is due to be reopened in September 2021 and the main entrance will no longer be from Cipero Street but from Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall Street. The street was recently gifted in Hall’s name for his contribution to culture and the arts.

Among those who also received awards for their contribution to the artform on the night were Michelle Henry, Devon Seales, Kerine Williams-Figaro, Karene Asche, Winston Peters, Sonia Francis, Aaron Duncan, Duane O’Connor, Kurt Allen, Edwin Ayoung, Brian London, Makeda Darius, Addelon Benjela, Marvin Davis and Jesse Stewart.