Watson Duke, Political Leader of the PDP, and Minority Leader in the Tobago House of Assembly.


Soca artiste Machel Montana’s lawyer, J. Larry Williams, says Progressive Democratic Patriots’ political leader, Watson Duke, has used the song “Buss Head”, without permission.

The song was written by Montano and the Bunji Garlin.

Duke played the song on Thursday (August 20) morning during a live Facebook post, saying he was merely repeating the song’s lyrics when he described two Tobago women as “stink and dirty” on the hustings for the 2020 general election.

However, on August 21, Machel’s lawyer said Duke “misappropriated” the song and was never authorized to use it.

“Mr Duke has not sought nor gotten approval for the use of the music or lyrics to the said song,” the lawyer wrote.

He added: “The use of his song is therefore unauthorized. He has used the song and lyrics out of its original context to suit his own nefarious purposes,” the lawyer said.

The letter also goes on to state: “Furthermore, Machel distance(s) himself from statements made by Mr. Duke.”

The letter warns: “The continued unauthorized use of same(song) will result in action taken against Mr. Duke.”