Khadijah Flament.

The main suspect in the disappearance and murder of Khadijah Flament was released from the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital, this morning, and is expected to be questioned by homicide officers.

The suspect was arrested by the police days after Flament was reported missing.

Guardian Media understands the suspect, who is said to be a nurse, was in quarantine at her home under police guard. But, on June 18th, she stripped naked in front of her apartment window. Later that day, the ambulance took her to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH).  Subsequently, she was transferred to St Ann’s hospital for treatment and evaluation.

On June 7th, Khadijah Flament left her home at Lothians Road, Princes Town, to visit her eight-year-old daughter at Olera Heights. Three days later, Flament’s aunt reported her missing to Princes Town police.

Police discovered burnt human remains, including bones, a skull and teeth, which they believe to be Flament’s while searching agricultural lands situated at Reform Road, Gasparillo. But DNA results are still pending.

Two people—18-year-old Faith Ramsubagh, and her brother 27-year-old Kyle “Iron Beast” Delande, a scrap iron dealer—both of Green Hill Avenue, Tarodale, Ste Madeleine, have been charged in connection with Flament’s murder. Ramsubagh was charged with her murder, while Delande was charged with disposing of Flament’s body.

Both accused appeared virtually before a magistrate on Monday and were remanded into custody.

Ramsubagh will reappear in court on July 19th, while her brother’s matter was adjourned to July 30th.