48-year-old Suzette Sylvester, a teacher at El Dorado West Secondary School, was found dead at her home in Preysal, on Monday 4 January 2021.

The Police Service has confirmed that a male relative is assisting police with enquiries relating to the death of 48-year-old Suzette Sylvester, of Mowlah Road Extension, Preysal.

The 48-year-old El Dorado West Secondary School teacher was found dead at her home in Preysal on Monday morning.  She was discovered by a female relative just before 6 am.

Official police reports state that the Literature teacher reportedly had an argument with a male relative at her home between the hours of 10:30 pm and midnight on Sunday January 3rd.

Following the argument, she reportedly went to bed around 2:10 am.

Another relative present at the home checked in on the victim at about 5:56 am this morning and discovered her lifeless body, which bore marks of violence.

The relative told police that she believed she saw the suspect leaving the scene.  However, police said the suspect, Sylvester’s close male relative, later surrendered to the Chaguanas Police Station at about 7 am.

He is still in police custody, assisting with enquiries into the case.

Investigators believe that Sylvester was beaten to death with a hammer.

The relative told police that Sylvester and the male relative had a series of arguments over the weekend.

Sylvester’s death sent shockwaves among her colleagues, as well as past and present students.

One of her colleagues lamented: “Suz you tried… God knows how much you tried.”

“Lord I have so many questions why her? Why he couldn’t just leave? She was soooooooo beautiful and humble and everything perfect.  I’m sure she got up in the most perfect spirit to start her day with her students.  What about her son?  This is not fair!  Suzette Sylvester, I have never expected to see this, never in a million years… You were so jolly, always laughing… I just can’t accept this,” wrote one of her colleagues, who took to social media.

A past student of Sylvester’s described her as a “beautiful soul”.

“No one deserves to die like this, no one… Such a beautiful soul… She was my school mom… When people asked me how I made it through high school with the many challenges I have faced in life, it’s because of teachers like her,” the former student wrote.