The gangster who apologised for threatening police in a video.

A man who yesterday posted a social media video of an apparent threat to police officers was later forced to apologise and then hauled to the police station for an outstanding warrant.

Even as protests in Port-of-Spain continued for a second day yesterday, the man appeared in a social media video saying, “Right now anything that name police not safe. From you is ah police best you give up your wuk (sic) one time. Carry in your badge in the station one time and sign up your paper and let the public know that you doh (sic) want no part of that wuk (sic) again. By the time anything name police not safe. Say no more.”

But a few hours later the same man was seen in another video, this time it appears he was handcuffed and being questioned by police officers for the statement he had made earlier.

He told the officers, “This morning I was drinking a little puncheon and thing, I was watching the scene what fulling up in town nah boi. So people dead and thing. I make a lil (sic) bad statement and all my cousins and family call me and real bouff meh. That is what I sit down there studying.”

One police officer interjected in the video, saying, “So you apologise to all the officers?

The man remarked, “I must apologise because all yuh doing all yuh wuk (sic) too.”

The officer asked, “You sure about that?

The man responded, “I sure about that.”

Another police officer then asked, “So what was the reason for making that video?

The man, who bowed his head from time to time, said, “As I tell you we were watching the thing from yesterday. I was watching the thing and following up and say OK, people dead and thing and it can of hurt me honestly and how I was drinking and thing I make a lil (sic) video. I did not really mean nothing.”

The officer further asked, “And you decide to send a warning to the police right?”

The man said, “No me eh (sic) send no threat you know, if they take it that way. I did not really mean no threat you know.”

The man was then asked his name and he responded and later told the police he sings for a living.

The officers then told him there was a warrant for him and he responded, “You can carry me, officer, I have no problem.”