The shotgun seized by ERP officers during the stop and search exercise in Caroni, in the early hours of Monday 28 December 2020. (Image: TTPS)

A 22-year-old man from Arima was arrested this morning (Monday 28 December 2020), for being in illegal possession of a shotgun.

A release from the Police Statement reports the man was one of three occupants of a vehicle in which a shotgun was discovered, after the vehicle was stopped and searched by police.

According to the TTPS report, officers attached to the Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) were on mobile patrol around 1 am near Kelly Village, Caroni, when they observed a red Toyota Corolla with four occupants who were acting in a suspicious manner.

The officers stopped and searched the vehicle and allegedly found one black metal object resembling a firearm.

One of the occupants was arrested; however, the other three occupants escaped on foot while the car was being searched.  

A search for the other three occupants was conducted but was unsuccessful, and they remain at large.

Investigations are ongoing.