A prisoner who was detained on Christmas Day pending inquiries into a report of wounding, was found dead in his cell at the Tunapuna Police Station early on Sunday morning.

According to a release from the TTPS, officers at the station were alerted by a shout from another prisoner around 8.16 am yesterday that something was wrong.

Upon checking, officers found Dhanraj Manan, 50, of El Dorado, slumped over the toilet bowl and he appeared unresponsive.

The EHS was called in by oofficers followed by the District Medical Officer Dr Jagget who made a pronouncement and ordered the removal of the body to the Forensic Sciences Centre for a post-mortem.

Manan was detained on Christmas Day following a report that three persons were wounded on Boodoo Street, El Dorado, just after 7 in the evening.

An investigation into the his death is now underway.