One of two men, who were attacked and beaten on Thursday at the Central Market has died.

The victim has been identified as Phillip Cummings, popularly known as Sharkie. The other wounded man is still warded at hospital.

Police have since detained a suspect for questioning.

According to a police report, at about 4 am on Thursday PC Sebasser and a party of officers from the Port-of-Spain Municipal Police were on patrol at the Central Market when they received a report of an altercation at the said market.

Upon responding, Cummings and the other victim were found nursing injuries. The officers were told that the suspect of Cameron Hill, Maraval was approaching his stall at the said market when he observed both injured persons breaking into his stall.

He confronted them and an altercation ensued, he then took a piece of wood and dealt both men several blows.

The injured men were taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for medical treatment.

However, Cummings succumbed to his injuries on Thursday evening.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the St Joseph Police Station pending further enquires. Cpl Phillip is continuing investigations.

In an unrelated incident, a decomposed body of a man was found in Laventille on Wednesday.

The man was identified as Dennis Charles, 62, of Beverly Hills, Laventille.

According to a police report, at about 7.12 am a party of police officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force were on foot patrol along Beverly Hills, Laventille when a male relative informed them that he had just discovered Charles’ decomposed body at his apartment.

Police said they were told that Charles was last seen alive at about 9 am on Monday.

The relative said at about 7 am on Wednesday, he went to Charles’ home to visit him after several calls to his phone went unanswered.

The relative with the assistance of neighbours entered the apartment and was stunned by a distinct foul stench emanating.

They searched and found Charles’s decomposed body lying along the corridor.

The body was removed and taken to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy to determine the actual cause of death.