A screen grab of an unidentified man trying to put a teenage girl into a car in Arima on Thursday. Concerned members of the public stopped the man from doing so.

Officers from the Child Protection Unit and the North Division are continuing their investigations into an incident involving a 14-year-old girl and a 32-year-old man in Arima on Thursday.

The man was said to be in police custody assisting officers with their investigations after being detained in Cumuto. The girl, meanwhile, was under the care of the CPU after receiving medical care.

Police were told that the man was seen kissing the teen and dragging her into a car, claiming to be her father.

In a three-minute, 28-second video which was shared on social media, the man was heard shouting and telling eyewitnesses that he was the father of the child and that he was taking her home when confronted by people who challenged what was going on. A woman’s voice was heard repeatedly asking why he was seen kissing the child on the mouth previously. A woman in a Defence Force uniform and another woman were then seen helping the girl.

Another man was heard saying, “Allyuh, no, no, no, something wrong with that young girl, she not drunk.”

One of two women then wet the child’s face.

The man with the girl then shouted, “This is my daughter! Baby, come on. She don’t need nothing, you know why? Is either in or out, is her choice. This is my f—-ng child.”

“You kiss your child in her mouth?” a woman is heard asking.

A security guard then told the man that the others just wanted to make sure the girl “is good.”

While the man pulled the girl away from the two women, a third was heard warning that if anything happens to her it will be a result of their inaction. One woman was heard saying that the child fell in a nearby fast food restaurant and found it disturbing that the man she was with was claiming to be her father.

The police were eventually called in and the car was intercepted in the Cumuto area with the man being detained for questioning.