A 24-year-old Maraval man has been charged with selling pepper spray.

The accused of Hilltop Drive, Saddle Road, Maraval, is expected to appear before a Siparia Magistrate today.

Investigators said around 1.30 pm yesterday, a party of undercover officers went to Suchit Trace Junction in the vicinity of Trinshine Hardware in Penal where they paid surveillance and saw the suspect approaching people for sales.

The officers, led by Sgt Ganesh, approached the man and found him in possession of four devices of pepper spray. He was taken to the Penal Police Station where he was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. The accused, police said, had been selling the pepper spray in Penal for the past few weeks.

Possession of pepper spray has not yet become law.

The proposed law states there is a penalty for using pepper spray in the commission of a criminal offence is—on summary conviction—a fine of $250,000 and five year’s jail or on conviction on indictment, a fine of $750,000 and 15 years jail.

Those charged with serious crimes—offences against the person, burglaries, kidnapping, trafficking, offences against a child, trespassing, domestic violence—or are on bail or orders concerning Domestic Violence issues won’t be allowed permits.

Permit holders charged/convicted for an offence shall return the device and permit to the police. (RDS)