Image by VATIX

A 28-year-old Longdenville man was accidentally crushed to death today, on the compound of Rock Hard Distributors Limited in Mausica, Carapo.

According to reports, Lorenzo Glasgow was in the company of a fork-lift operator this morning. The operator then left Glasgow and proceeded with a string bag containing forty 40 bags of 42.5 kg cement on the fork-lift, which was then loaded onto a flatbed truck parked outside.

However, when the driver returned Glasgow was not there.  The man made some checks and found a quantity of cement bags on the ground with a hand projecting from under the pile.

The forklift driver got help to remove the bags of cement, and group uncovered the lifeless form of Lorenzo Glasgow lifeless on the ground, at the bottom of the pile.

Glasgow’s death was corroborated by a DMO who made the official pronouncement and ordered the removal of the body for a post-mortem examination.

Guardian Media reached out to Managing Director of Rock Hard Distributors Limited, Ryan Ramhit, about the accidental death.  However, he stated that he did not have a comment on the incident.