Adolphus Campbell, 76, died while travelling on a PTSC bus from Mason Hall to Scarborough

Family members of 76-year-old Adolphus Campbell say they are still in shock after receiving news of his death.

The father of two died while on a PTSC Bus travelling from Mason Hall to Scarborough at 5 on Tuesday morning.

His daughter Marlene Campbell Brebnor, who owns a popular bakery in Belle Garden, said the last time she saw her father was on Christmas morning.

“Every Christmas he would always bring a ham for me to bake for him and I would always prepare all his Christmas goodies – bread, cake, sweet bread and after the ham was finished I waited with him we chat until he got into a taxi to go back to Scarborough.”

Campbell Brebnor said her father who was originally from Charlotteville, was independent as he lived alone and was very active.

“We communicated often, he was a very jovial person. The only thing we used to fall out about was the fact that he had a 33-year-old girlfriend, other than that we got along well.”

She said although he was well known as “Fussy” he was loving and very proud of his children.

A release from the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) expressed condolences on the passing of Campbell, who the company described as a “regular commuter for many years.”

Corporate Communications Manager at the Division of Health Wellness and Family Development Rion George said the division was aware of the incident however he advised that an autopsy will have to be done by the Ministry of National Security to determine the cause of Mr Campbell’s death.