Pensioner Errol Ghany at his home yesterday.

Otto Carrington

Imagine being afraid to fall asleep, fearful that your heart will stop beating.

This is the reality of a Central man who is calling on the public to assist him with a life-changing procedure.

Five years ago Errol Ghany was diagnosed with heart disease resulting in only 25 per cent of his heart being functional.

“I need to get a device called an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator to assist in the function of the heart,” Ghany said.

His condition can be corrected using a special device but it does not come cheap. It’s why Ghany is seeking the public’s assistance.

He begs to return to some level of normalcy and is praying this will give him a new lease on life.

He said for the past few months he started a fund-raiser on the site so far, received $22,478 through an online funding platform.

“I get pain every day. Sometimes I does be frighten when I go to sleep…might not get up because sometimes during the sleep I get little attacks. But I can’t keep running to the health centre. They will just give me an injection to go home I need to get this if I am to live a couple of years again,” he said.

Ghany told Guardian Media that he is on a waiting list in the public health care system and it may take years before he can get the procedure done.

“I contacted a private institution that will do the procedure and it is costing over $166,000. The Caribbean Heart Care is the only way I’m getting the procedure one right away.”

Every day without the surgery is a day that Ghany loses sleep, worrying about what could happen next.

Ghany is appealing for help to have his heart operating at full capacity once more.

“Trinidad and Tobago, please I am asking for this option. I am asking for this to help me to live a few years,” he said.

Anyone who wants to assist can visit Fund Me T&T to donate.