David James was charged with larceny of a tent valued at $4,800. (Image: TTPS)

A man who was caught stealing a tent from a health facility has been charged with larceny.

According to an official police reports, DAVID JAMES appeared in a virtual hearing at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, to face the charge of larceny of a tent, valued at $4,800.

He was charged with the crime on Wednesday  28th October 2020.

The TTPS release states that officers responded to a report of a larceny in progress around 3:15 am on Wednesday, at Lum Tack Hill, Fyzabad, in the vicinity of the Fyzabad Health Facility.

A man reportedly found at the scene was searched by police officers, who found on him a certain apparatus which may have been used in the course of the crime. In addition, police found a tarpaulin (of dimensions 15-feet-by-15-feet), along with two side pieces, approximately four feet away from him. 

The man was questioned  about  the  find  and subsequently arrested.

Police officers continued investigations which confirmed the tent had been left erected  on  the  health  facility’s  compound  at  4  pm on  Tuesday  27th October 2020.  A  witness  also  reported  seeing  a  man  removing  the tarpaulin  from  the  compound  around  3:11  am  on  Wednesday.

The suspect was interviewed again and subsequently charged with the offence by PC Meighoo.