In a bizarre incident, a man smashed through the glass on the upper floor of a business place, fell on top of a vehicle and bit off a man’s thumb.

Days later Marcus Allen appeared via video conference before San Fernando magistrate Kerianne Byer and pleaded guilty to malicious damage and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The incident took place last week Monday around 10.45 pm.

Allen walked up the step leading to the upper floor of a business place along the SS Erin Road, Duncan Village, San Fernando, and entered the building.

Court prosecutor Sgt Valerie Suraj, who read the facts, said the building was closed at the time.

A man, who was across the road at M&R Supermarket, saw Allen smash the glass on the first floor and then jump out of the building.

He fell onto a gold-coloured Toyota Hilux, got up and began to run.

Several people ran after him and managed to subdue him.

However, he bit the left thumb of one of the men and ran into the bushes. They called the police. Cpl Bacchus and other officers visited the scene, interviewed several persons and the injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Constable Sulliman and PC Madhoo processed the scene and workable prints were found. Allen was arrested on June 8 and subsequently put on an identification parade where he was identified.

He was charged by WPC De Bourg. His criminal record included convictions for possession of a device used for smoking a dangerous drug, larceny, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

He was sentenced to three months on the malicious damage charge and two years on the other offences. The sentences were ordered to run concurrently.