Undertakers remove the body of an unidentified passenger who was killed when the maxi taxi he was travelling in collided with another 25 seater maxi taxi along the Piority Bus Route in the vicinity of VMCOTT, Beetham Gardens, yesterday.

One man is dead after the maxi-taxi he was a passenger in crashed along the Priority Bus Route yesterday afternoon.

Guardian Media understands that at around 3:12 pm the maxi taxi was heading in an easterly direction when the driver lost control in the vicinity of VMCOTT and collided with another maxi taxi on the westbound lane.

According to the police one of the passengers, who has not yet been identified, hit his head against the window on impact.

He died at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

Investigators said the man did not have any identification information on him at the time.

The accident is under probe.