A 27-year-old man was murdered while his friend sustained injuries after gunmen stormed his friend’s home at Mayaro, last night.

Vijay Singh, 27, of Oliver Drive, Lachoos Road, Penal, died at the scene of the incident. His friend David Francois, 46, managed to drive himself to the hospital and currently is warded in a stable condition. 

Reports state that around 9:45 pm on Sunday, Francois was with Singh at Fracois’ home at Point Radix Road at Ortoire Village, when three men ran into the house through an open door. Police said Francois knew the men.

The men reportedly fired several shots at Francois and Singh and then ran out of the house.  An injured Francois scampered out of the house, got into his pickup and drove to the Mayaro District Hospital. The police were then contacted.

When the police got to the house, they found Singh’s bareback bloody body on the floor in a bedroom.  The body bore gunshot wounds to the head and lower body. The police observed a gold chain around the neck. Francois, who sustained wounds to his chest and rib cage area, was transferred to the Sangre Grande Hospital where he is being treated.

Officers of the Rio Claro based-Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region 3 are investigating.