A man and his pregnant common-law wife have been charged with a series of recent house-breakings and burglaries in central Trinidad.

Nigel Burke elected to have his case tried summarily and attempted to plead guilty with an explanation to the four charges when he appeared virtually before Senior Magistrate Rajendra Rambhajan yesterday morning.

However, Burke was stopped by his attorney Bhimal Maharajh, who indicated that he would like to hold discussions with his client before he (Burke) makes the decision.

Maharajh also requested the disclosure of initial evidence which would be considered in making the decision.

Rambhajan agreed but remanded Burke in custody until November 10.

Although Burke’s common-law wife Kadisha Simon was jointly charged, she did not make an appearance as she was previously granted bail by a Justice of the Peace because of her condition.

She is expected to appear in court in December.

According to the charges, the incidents are alleged to have taken place at four locations in central Trinidad between September 27 and last Thursday.

In the first two incidents, the homeowners were not at home at the time and $28,100 in jewellery was taken from one and a laptop from the other.

In the two other incidents, the homeowners were allegedly sleeping and awoke to find an intruder in their bedrooms.

The intruder managed to escape after they raised an alarm.

Both victims reported missing a quantity of jewellery and cash.

The couple was arrested after some of the stolen items were allegedly found in their house.