Two relatives from Santa Cruz were wounded following a disagreement over a locked door on Sunday night.

According to police reports, the incident occurred at Pipiol Road in Santa Cruz around 7.40 pm as a 68-year-old licensed firearm owner was having an argument with a 38-year-old male relative over a locked door at their property.

Their 37-year-old female relative attempted to intervene to separate them but the gun was discharged in the scuffle.

The 68-year-old man was shot in his left leg, while his female relative was shot in her right leg from the same bullet.

Both relatives were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for treatment.

The woman was treated and discharged while the elderly man remained warded up to late yesterday.

Police visited the duo’s home and seized the firearm, ammunition and a shell casing. PC Boodhai of the Santa Cruz Police Station is continuing investigations.