Mark Bassant and

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

A man, who was being chased by another man armed with a hay-fork ran into the charge room of the La Brea Police Station begging for help.

Minutes after the attacker also stormed into the charge room with the fork held high.

However, he was shot after he refused to heed to a warning to drop his weapon by a police sergeant, who was in the charge room at the time.

According to a police report, at about 1.45 am on Friday, WPC Cobham and acting Sgt Haynes were both on charge room sentry duties when a 42-year-old man from High Road in La Brea ran into the police station and begged for help telling the officers present, that someone was chasing him, threatening to kill him.

A few minutes after, Haynes observed another man, a 23-year-old running into the charge room with a metal fork in his hands and in an upraised manner. Haynes warned the man to drop the fork but he refused.

Haynes, on seeing that the other man was in danger, drew his service firearm and fired one shot towards the attacker, shooting him in the lower abdomen.

Police said the suspect was subsequently taken to the Point Fortin Health Facility where he was treated.

Investigations are continuing.