Reachad Ali of Realise Road, Barrackpore, drowned after suffering a seizure and falling into a pond while fishing.

With no work this week, Barrackpore auto repairman Reachard Ali was bored at home, so on Tuesday, he decided to go fishing at a nearby agricultural pond.

Sadly, he suffered a seizure and fell into the pond where he drowned. About two hours later his body was found by his brother Naushad Ali.

At his Realize Road home yesterday, his brother-in-law Imran Hosein said he worked at a nearby garage but he had no work this week.

“So he is a person he like to be outgoing, he love to do stuff. So going fishing in the back was something normal, he would always do that. Yesterday, he got extremely bored and he decided he want to go and catch fish which is something normal because he always go to catch fish.” However, Hosein said Ali suffered from seizures for which he was no medication.

Hosein said Ali left home around 4.30 pm to go by the pond located about 300 metres to the back of his home.

“We suspect that as soon he went down he got a seizure and he fell into the pond immediately.”

Hosein received a call around 6 pm from Naushad who said he was not seeing Ali and was going to look for him.

He said a man told Naushad that his brother was down by the pond.

“His brother run down the hill. When he reach by the bank now, all he saw was the road, his slippers and his hat on the bank itself. He use he head, he say if all his stuff here he had to be in the pond. So he made a dive but he did not find him because it is a sloped area.”

He said Naushad came back up and dove deeper into the pond.

“So when he gone down all he feel was his foot. His foot was actually up but you could not see it in the water, it was straight down.”

They called the ambulance and the paramedics gave them instructions. He said a fireman who lives nearby performed CPR, but they could not revive him. Describing him as a very nice and helpful person, he said Ali, 36, was not married and had no children. He lived with his mother. An autopsy confirmed that he suffered a seizure, but his death was due to drowning.

His funeral service would be held today at his home followed by the interment at a nearby cemetery. (SW)