Stephen Redhead who who found an abandoned baby hidden among bushes in Freeport recently.

The young man who found the abandoned baby hidden among bushes in Freeport last Thursday wants to visit the infant, to see for himself how she is doing.

Steven Redhead, 21, who has been shying away from the spotlight said he has been trying to “go see her”, but I’m waiting for them to get back to me later.”

On November 19, Redhead was labelled a local hero as he followed what he first thought were the “cries of kittens” coming from the bushes that he and his brother were walking past to head to work that morning.

Those cries turned out to be short cries of a baby girl who was hidden in some bushes mere meters from the major road that runs parallel to the entrance of Beaucaroo Village, Old Southern Main Road in Central.

The baby girl, who was dressed in a fuchsia pink onesie and a pair of matching socks, believed to be a few weeks old, was found lying on her back on the grass in the sweltering heat. Her blanket was bundled up next to her.

Speaking with the Guardian Media last week, Redhead said he did not see himself as a hero as he was sure if someone else was to passing by and heard the cries they would have done the right thing, just like he did.

Meanwhile, investigating officers are still searching for the baby’s parents and other relatives as no one has come forward with any information on who the baby belongs to.

Since the rescue of the baby girl, there have been numerous people have been seeking information about her welfare and have even offered to adopt her.

However, last Friday, the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago gave the assurance that the baby is “in a safe place and is getting the required medical attention.”

In a release, the Authority said it will be managing the case and will provide the necessary interventions, in the best interest of the child.

When contacted on Thursday afternoon as to the request to visit by the rescuer, Redhead, Cheryl Moses-Williams, Communications Manager| Public Education & Communications at the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago said she was in “no position to advise on that matter.”

Investigators are again pleading with members of the public who have any information as to where the parents of the child can be found to call them at 555, 999, 800 TIPS or 482 GARY.