Peoples National Movement (PNM) San Fernando East candidate Brian Manning is promising constituents that he will not be an absent parliamentary representative.

He gave the assurance at the opening of his campaign office and launch of his campaign song Moving with Manning, at Navet Street, San Fernando, on Saturday.

Given that the seat has always been held by the PNM and represented for 44 unbroken years by his father, the late Patrick Manning, he said he was often asking during his campaign why he bothered walking the constituency since he “win already.” Manning said that was not how he was raised by his parents. He said it was not just about winning an election but proper representation.

“I know things are going to change in San Fernando East. There were periods where you would only see your MP around election time. That’s not going to happen any more. That’s over. There were periods where you will come on Thursday and your MP would never be available. That’s over. There is no more of that. The chit system, that’s gone. You are going to come on Thursday and you are going to see your MP and your MP is going to stay here until he sees as many of you as possible. I am one MP that can guarantee you that I will be present. I will be available and I will be respectful.”

His vision is that the constituency will become a model of development with reliable utilities, a striving business hub and the national epicentre for cultural diversity.

He said that Local Government Reform, which would lead to faster response times and more efficient delivery of services to the people, has been stymied by the Opposition.

“One of the issues that has been holding that up is that it was supposed to be funded by taxes received within those communities, a large source of which would have come from property taxes. As we all know the Opposition has held up such reform in our courts and that has really stymied Local Government Reform. That is something we have to look into something, we have to move on from and implement so that the people can receive the services that they deserve.” Admitting that his campaign journey has been emotional at times, he said it has brought back memories of all the hours and time his father had put into helping the people of San Fernando East. Promising to become a champion of the people, he said his father’s legacy has not put him under pressure, but inspired and motivated him.