San Fernando East MP, Brian Manning pose for a photograph with top SEA and CSEC performing students in his constituency, during the distribution of laptops at his constituency office at Navet Road, San Fernando, yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

Newly-wed San Fernando East MP Brian Manning has promised to assist 800 vulnerable families within in his constituency for the Christmas season.

Manning, who got married to former journalist Shelly Dass on Saturday at Stollymer’s Castle, was back in his constituency office in San Fernando yesterday giving out food hampers and food cards to needy families.

Manning, the Minister in the Ministry of Finance, also gave out computer devices to top performing Secondary Entrance Examination (SEA) students within the constituency.

Thanking the corporate community and charitable organisations who assisted in this initiative, Manning said the distribution will be done in phases during the Christmas season. He said his objective is to improve the lives of his constituents.

Manning’s father, the late former prime minister Patrick Manning, served as the constituency’s parliamentary representative for 44 unbroken years.

Manning said, “I think the best way to honour his legacy is by living by some of the values that he lived by.

He always believed that in this job your primary purpose is to assist people, to help people be better, to help people to do what they want to do, to offer a helping hand and that is what we have always dedicated ourselves to do. That is what our constituency is about and that is what my time in public office is going to be about. We are going to work to assist as many people as we can.”

Asked about being back on the job so soon after his wedding, he said, “Unfortunately, people are going to have needs and it is my job to really assist those in need, so sometimes it require some personal sacrifice. I will have a break over the Christmas season, hopefully soon, because the Lord knows I need one.”

And, in this auspicious season he had a message for T&T.

He said, “It is difficult at times to not just focus on yourself and your families immediate needs, but also look around and take a look at those in your communities, in your families who may also need assistance. It’s not just about us.”

Asked how they went about selecting the families, he said over the past weeks they have been working with the vulnerable families within his constituency.

He added, “We have a due diligence process and who know who is who.” Manning said that he and his wife intend to spend a very quiet Christmas