Snr Supt Cecil Santana, right, of the Municipal Police, San Fernando cautions the winning candidate for San Fernando East Brian Manning left, and his supporters celebrate outside of the PNM’s Navet Street, San Fernando office after the results confirmed that he won the San Fernando East seat, to maintain the COVID-19 restrictions.

As he declared victory in the San Fernando East seat on Monday night, People`s National Movement’s (PNM) Brian Manning said it was now time for the country to heal and move forward.

Manning, the son of former prime minister Patrick Manning who served that constituency of 44 years, won the seat by over 2,000 votes over UNC candidate Monifa Andrews.

Speaking at this campaign office at Navet Road, San Fernando, Manning also urged PNM supporters to celebrate their victory with respect.

“Well now that election is over, it’s a time for healing. I want us to be as gracious and as respectful in victory as we would be in losing. Be respectful, that is what the PNM is all about.”

He thanked the constituents for putting their faith and confidence in him and his campaign team and supporters for their hard work.

“I do not take that for granted. I do not take that lightly at all. I promise I will be here on the ground. I will be with you. We are going to do a lot of great things in this constituency The people of San Fernando East are my family and I thank you for welcoming me back home.” He was accompanied by his mother Hazel Manning celebrated her birthday yesterday. After victory was declared by Manning and the PNM, the street in front of his campaign office was transformed into a sea of red. Armed with their cocoyea brooms and flags, supporters partied to PNM campaign songs blaring from a music truck. Shortly after, however, head of the Municipal Police South, Snr Supt Cecil Santana arrived at the scene and instructed them to celebrate their victory but observe the COVID-19 Regulations by wearing their masks and practising social distancing. Not long after, however, he stopped the music and ordered everyone to go home. No one was arrested.

Police also shut down celebrations in Tobago following the PNM’s victory in two seats.