San Fernando West candidate Brian Manning (centre) together with his brother David (left) and mother Hazel (right) at the San Fernando Methodist Primary School.

Resounding victory.

That’s the results Brian Manning, son of former prime minister Patrick Manning and PNM candidate for San Fernando East, is expecting this evening.

Manning voted in Port-of-Spain and made his way back to San Fernando to accompany his mother, Hazel Manning and brother David Manning to their polling station at San Fernando Methodist Primary School.

Confident of his victory at the polls, he told reporters, “The only issue I’ve had is where I’m going to find a big enough cocoyea broom because today is sweeping time.”

Standing proudly next to her sons, Hazel Manning said she felt good exercising her democratic right. She said her husband Patrick Manning would have enjoyed this moment.

“This is the second time that I’m coming in here without him. Not so good for that one. He would have enjoyed being here but that’s life.”

Manning said he received no reports of any discrepancies up to that time.