Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Brian Manning MP.

One government minister has come out in support of Hollywood actor, Michael B. Jordan, using the name “J’Ouvert” as his rum brand, eyeing potential gains this country can derive.  

Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Brian Manning MP, acknowledges that the comments made in the trademark document about the meaning of J’ouvert were unfortunate. According to the trademark registration page, the word J’Ouvert does not have any meaning in a foreign language, a statement which has angered citizens. 

However, Manning says Jordan, well known for his role as Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther”, has apologized for the comments, and the next step should be capitalising on any potential benefits.

“Some of the comments made in the trademark document are unfortunate, but he has come out and apologized,” Manning said.

“The Government of Trinidad and Tobago should work with Michael B Jordan to develop this rum into a global brand,” he added.  

In fact, he believes if this is successful, some of the proceeds from the sales, “should be contributed to developing local arts and culture.”  

“If he would consider this, I am sure this is something the Government would be willing to discuss,” Manning indicated.

Manning could not say whether there have been any official efforts by the Government to reach out to the Hollywood Actor.  

The situation escalated since Sunday, after Instagram posts showed the launch of J’Ouvert rum with a box set and a brief description about the origins of the word. The box also contained bottles of Angostura Bitters. 

“He has apologized, we all make mistakes, but I think it is still something we can use to benefit Trinidad and Tobago,” Manning told Guardian Media.

Manning hopes this country and the Government can work closely with Michael B Jordan.