Gail Alexander

Marabella police are continuing to pursue a December 2019 incident in which a Marabella South Secondary student ended up in an ambulance after his parent came on the school compound.

PNM Senator Clarence Rambharat replied to Opposition queries on this in the Senate yesterday.

Rambharat said it was “something that happens” in school environments.

He said there was an incident on December 4, 2019 at the school after school dismissed.

The parent and son were leaving the compound after the parent was called to the compound at the school administrator’s request to collect his son.

“The son was earlier involved in an altercation with another student. But the student was now involved in a second altercation with the parent and that required use of an ambulance to take the student to the San Fernando General Hospital,” Rambharat added.

In January, he said the school and Ministry implemented protocols for entry to the compound on visitors’ and parents’ presence, use of passes and other aspects to reinforce existing rules for operation in the school. It was also meant to ensure conflict and assault would be “minimized”.

Of the December incident, Rambharat said, “It’s most regretful but it does happen.”

He said he was a product of a Princes Town school, “And these things happen and school authorities dealt with it…”

Rambharat said Marabella police visited the school in the December incident and were pursuing the issue.