Elisha Wilson cleans garbage near his home along Nehru Street in Marabella on Monday.

Residents of Nehru Street in Marabella say the indiscriminate dumping of garbage is proving to be more than an eyesore and is now threatening their health.

According to Elisha Wilson, for over two decades, residents of a neighbouring community have been using the roadway close to his property as a dumping ground for rubbish.

Wilson said, as a result, he and others in the area are faced with rat infestation problems, which during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a serious health hazard.

“Dealing with this matter every single day is really, really irritating because the smell is number one, number two is the rat infestation. As I open the gate is paper coming in the yard also it will have bottles and cans so it’s irritating, unsanitary, here never clean, I am totally fed up now man.”

According to Wilson, all efforts to contact the authorities to inform them of their concerns have proved unsuccessful.

“The only response I got was from the Ombudsman because I wrote a letter to the Ombudsman, the councillor, and the Mayor and the Ombudsman’s response was the only one. They came and made three site visits and nothing was done after that.”

One resident told Guardian Media the irregular garbage collection in the area is leaving many sick. She said the solution to the languishing issue is simple.

“They were suggesting at a point in time to put a bin here, but I said no, because if you put a bin here then they will still continue to throw the rubbish and I will have to clean it up. I think the government should get a garbage truck. The road not wide but they could get a smaller truck to pass and see about the issue.”

Guardian Media attempted to contact San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello for a response to the concerns raised, however, efforts were unsuccessful.