Screenshot from one of several videos circulating in social media, this morning, showing the fire at a house in Rookery Nook, Maraval, in which three children are were trapped and died.

A Maraval family, along with their friends and neighbours in Rookery Nook, Maraval, has been plunged into mourning today, following the ghastly news that three children perished in a fire at their home.

Chief Fire Officer Arnold Bristo confirmed in a briefing with media personnel on the scene, that the children had burnt to death.

Dead are 17-year-old Ezekiel Burke, 6-year-old Kate Burke, and 3-year-old Kaydon Burke.

Other Burke children managed to survive the terrible ordeal: Troy Burke, Dennicia Burke and Sarah Burke escaped, along with another youngster who was in the house at the time the fire broke out, Genevieve Rodriguez.  They reportedly had been rescued by neighbours and the local doubles vendor, who were first responders on the scene.

Guardian Media understands that the children’s father received minor injuries while attempting to rescue his children from the inferno that had engulfed his home.  He was treated for his injuries at hospital.

In addition, one fire officer received minor injuries while fighting the fire this morning.  CFO Bristo confirmed that he was treated for his injuries at hospital.

Dramatic videos began sharing on social media, early this morning, showing several persons attempting to rescue the three children who were still trapped in the house at Rookery Nook in Maraval, after a fire broke out there.

When fire officers finally got the fire under control and went into the building, the body of a 17-year-old male was found in the gallery of house. The area reportedly was surrounded with burglar-proofing, and it is believed that he was unable to escape. That victim has been identified as Ezekiel Burke.

Fire fighters also discovered the body of a three-year-old male in one of the front rooms, who has been identified as Kaydon Burke.  To the back of the house, they found the body of a six-year-old female, who has since been identified as Kate Burke.

An investigation has been triggered and fire officers are hoping to determine and confirm soon what had caused the fire that led to the children’s deaths.