These shoppers were all geared up with their face masks to protect themselves from COVID-19 on High Street, San Fernando, yesterday. Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has urged persons to wear their masks following three localised cases.

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Within four days, the country has detected three locally transmitted cases of COVID-19 with unknown origins.

In its 10 am update on Friday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the latest case, number 142, was “pending epidemiological investigation.”

Guardian Media understands that the patient is a 63-year-old woman of Saddle Road, Maraval.

Calls to the Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram for clarification on the contact tracing investigation into the latest patient went unanswered yesterday.

The first case of such nature this week was case number 139, another elderly woman, which was confirmed by the ministry on Tuesday. Case 139’s activity forced the closure of two Pennywise branches in Port-of-Spain and groceries and other business in San Juan for sanitisation.

The second such case was number 141, a young girl, which was confirmed on Wednesday evening. The child was the daughter of a Republic Bank West Mall branch employee and the bank was forced to close its doors there for sanitisation.

The ministry has launched investigations into the origins of the infections and to trace and test the contacts of cases 139 and 141.

Parasram stated in Thursday’s virtual press conference that there would be no change to the country’s transmission classification yet and the ministry would term it as “local transmission.”

Both the Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh and Parasram have continued to reiterate the importance of adhering to the public health measures.

Meanwhile, Deyalsingh yesterday revealed in a tweet that his daughter and son-in-law tested positive for COVID-19 during the height of T&T’s fight with the pandemic earlier this year. He gave the information as he reportedly responded to criticisms that Government was neglecting nationals stranded abroad.

“COVID-19 has affected us all. Sadly it hit my family. At the height of T&T’s COVID response when there were daily medical briefings. My wife and I got some sad news. We found out that my daughter and her husband, who reside in England, both got COVID. No one knew this at the time. We were very scared. But I did not miss a day’s work as your MP or as your Minister of Health. It was not easy but, my commitment was to keep the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago safe,” he said.

“So when you hear persons say that the PNM government doesn’t care about our citizens abroad. THEY ARE WRONG! COVID-19 has affected us all. It is my commitment and the commitment of this PNM government to keep the country safe now and after August 10.”

Deyalsingh did not, however, say whether his daughter and son-in-law had since recovered from the virus.