Terrified is an understatement for villagers along Race Course Road in Carapo as the Mausica River has been diverted from its original path and the meandering water is now claiming their property.

“When it rains heavily and the water from the Northern Range comes down, I have to evacuate with my children and grandchildren,” said Symond Persad a resident there for almost ten years.

Persad would have known the river back when it flowed in a straight line behind his home, several meters from his property.

Now it’s just a few feet from his yard.

” And people will say we build we house close to the river, but it wasn’t always there!”

The residents said they do not believe their homes can survive 2020’s wet season.

They say the river diverted naturally after years of neglect and has also claimed their crops.

“All we are asking is for someone from local government to come and help dredge the river, we are even willing to help with labour,” said Asha Maraj-Persad.

Another resident lamented that the land they bought for their future generations is now sand at the bottom of the river.