A 25- year-old man from Mayaro is expected to appear virtually at the Mayaro Magistrates’ Court today, charged with break-in and larceny. Nicholas Charles, 25 of Begorat Trace, Mayaro, was arrested on May 25th.

According to police reports, around 10:30 am on May 24th 2021, a labourer secured his home, by locking all doors and windows. He then left. He returned 40 minutes later and discovered his house broken into and one straight cutlass, one black cellphone charger, and $300 cash missing from this house.

He reported the incident to the Mayaro Criminal Investigations Department (CID). Based on information received, the officers proceeded to Begorat Trace, Mayaro, and searched the residence of the accused, who was allegedly found to be in possession of a straight cutlass. The accused reportedly handed over the cellphone charger to the officers. Charges were laid by PC Osundu.