Rushton Paray

Mayaro/Rio Claro stakeholders will be rolling out their own COVID 19 restrictions to combat the increasing number increases within the region.

This comes even as the Government enforced further restrictions as they grapple to curb the high rate of infections which is threatening to overrun the parallel public health system set up to treat COVID 19 patients.

In a press release, Mayaro MP Rushton Paray said the following actions will be rolled out in the coming days:

• Suspending use of all recreational sites in order to reduce human movement.

• Further Involvement by the Municipal Police in the control of social gatherings, including funerals, and in assisting the TTPS – ERT in the policing of home quarantine persons.

• Regulating the number of customers at supermarkets /hardwares and pharmacies providing crowd support when necessary.

• Spraying of town centres and markets more frequently to reduce the viral load.

• Improving policing at markets and regulating the number of vendors/shoppers and strict enforcement of Regulations.

• Reducing of operational hours at Market facilities.

• Recommend the use of N95 masks for all frontline workers at authorized retail outlets.

• Launch of a Constituency wide promotional campaign to encourage the public to adhere to national Covid-19 guidelines and protocols.

• Donation of N95 masks and sanitizing gears to police officers for increased protection, – especially those involved in quarantine management. This is as a result of the high numbers of officers being quarantined .

He said this action plan was agreed upon during following a fruitful virtual meeting with stakeholders.

“The meeting was held because of deep concerns over the rising number of Covid-19 cases throughout the Constituency, including among people between the ages of 30 and 40. There is also distress over the behavioural patterns of some people and the risk of spreading the contagious disease,” he said.

Thanking all stakeholders for their involvement and cooperation, Paray appealed to constituents to adhere to the restrictions and be cooperative.

He said, “I strongly urge everyone to support the authorities and to work together to combat this deadly disease in the shortest possible time.”

He added, “As Member of Parliament, I ask everyone to remember that our lives and livelihoods and depend upon defeating COVID-19. Please support our authorities as we make every attempt to slow the progression of Covid 19, while the vaccination programme brings the ammunition needed to win the war in this pandemic.”

Attending the meeting were Mayaro-Rio Claro Regional Corporation (MRCRC), Raymond Cozier, County Medical Officer of Health for Nariva Dr. Clem Ragoobar, Dr. Kamaladin Amin of MRCRC’s Health Department, Insp Rishi Ragbir and Supt Dave Revanales of the TTPS, Walt Ali and Farisha Mohammed of MRCRC, supermarket proprietors Vernon Persad and Sunita Persad, Mathew Pierre, community liaison of bpTT, and representatives of the MPs’ office.