Penni Beckles-George is consoled by her husband Daniel George as ask for help to fund a surgery to remove an aneurysm in her brain, while at her home at Coconut Trace, Fanny Village, Point Fortin.

Point Fortin mother of three Penni Beckles-George who is trying to raise $200,000 needed for urgent brain surgery which she is hoping to do on Monday, is now hospitalised.

She has a brain aneurysm that could burst at any time, resulting in her death or serious health complications.

The 35-year-old woman was taken to the hospital by Point Fortin Mayor Saleema McCree-Thomas who was contacted by a concerned resident yesterday morning. At the time Beckles-George was home with her three young children while her husband Daniel George was at a barbecue fund-raiser in Point Fortin.

McCree-Thomas said the resident contacted her after she spoke with Beckles-George over the phone.

“She did not know who to call. She was so scared. She said while speaking to Mrs George she sounded as though she wanted to pass out.”

The mayor said a resident came to her home and the mayor’s driver took them to Beckles-George’s home in Fanny Village. The mayor also contacted the police.

“She was up and about, but she was not feeling too well and she was not looking so well. I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital and she said yes.”

On the way to the new Point Fortin Hospital, the mayor called the hospital administrator and when they arrived Beckles-George received immediate attention.

“As the mayor of Point Fortin, as a mother, because she has three young children, putting myself in her shoes as a mother I definitely want to appeal to the community of Point Fortin and by extension T&T and most importantly corporate T&T to assist Mrs George in her life-saving surgery so she will be able to see her three children grow up and enjoy a long life. Please make pledges so she can have her surgery done.”

Giving an update on his wife’s condition, George said she was in a lot of pain and her blood pressure was high which is very dangerous for someone with her condition.

“She is conscious. The pain in her head keeps coming and going,” said George.

He said his wife was being transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital for further tests. When he last checked on Wednesday night, the fund-raiser accounts had just over $75,000.

Boxing promoter Tansley Thompson said an official at Coastal View Ltd saw the article about Beckles-George in this newspaper and reached out to him.

Thompson who does public relations and consultation work for the company said it wanted to donate $10,000 towards the fund. Thompson said he made a few calls and was able to raise some more money. As a former footballer, he reached out to several well known former football colleagues from Point Fortin who also pledged their support.

“I said let’s get together and we will contact people and appeal to the rest of the nation. I know some people have already contributed but we have to get the money to save the life of this young lady. I have not met her as yet, but talking to her she is desperate,” Thompson said.

He will be presenting the family with a donation of approximately $30,000 to $40,000.