Mayor Vandana Mohit (left) hands over hampers to Councillor for Enterprise North Barry Boodram, during her distribution of close to 500 hampers to Councillors on Tuesday, for redistribution to burgesses in need. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

Heavy sanitization will take place in parts of Chaguanas that face heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, later this week.

Confirmation has come from Mayor of Chaguanas, Her Worship Vandana Mohit, who told Guardian Media that the Chaguanas Borough Corporation is getting the voluntary assistance of a sanitation company to do the job.

The areas targeted for sanitization include: the Chaguanas Market; the Chaguanas Main Road from the Chaguanas Flyover to the Market; and Narsaloo Ramaya Road, in the vicinity of Price Plaza.

Mayor Mohit made the disclosure on Tuesday, while distributing hampers to the eight councillors of the Chaguanas Borough Council for redistribution to the Borough’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Mayor said she also was in favour of the police keeping persons off the street.

According to Mayor Mohit, too many people were still outdoors at a time when the COVID-19 crisis could take a turn for the worse.

She advised burgesses to make trips outside only when necessary.