Chagunas Mayor Vandana Mohit, playing mas in Chaguanas last year.

Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit has thrown her full support towards Chaguanas Carnival 2020.

Speaking with Guardian media Mohit said she will also be playing with her band (Re) JouvetNation Work Hard, Play Harder on Carnival Monday.

Mohit, a mas lover and player for the last decade, said she was committed to making 2020 a memorable event despite the troubling economic times. Mohit said her band is a charitable one where the proceeds would go towards assisting various community projects and needy individuals in the borough. She said the cost to play is only $100 and registration can be done at the offices of the Mayor at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation (CBC).

Mohit said the Chaguanas Carnival Committee (CCC) met with officials from the Police, Fire Services and related emergency providers to ensure that a high level of safety and security is maintained.

Mohit said she was saddened that some of the big bands had indicated that they would not be participating on Carnival Tuesday because of the low prize monies. The Mayor said she would continue to lobby the private sector for funds. She said because of reduced budgets, several persons have opted instead to play J’ourvet.

Mohit said in 2019 more than 20,000 persons took part in Chaguanas J’ourvet and she was expecting, even more, this year since Chaguanas has grown into the J’ourvet capital of central mas.

Orlando Nagessar, the Chairman of the CCC, said the CCC has not yet received any indication as to how much funds it would be receiving from the Regional Carnival Commission.

Nagessar said all celebrations would be taking place on Ramsaran Street.

He said J’ouvert bands would exit through the Saith Park area where the safety and security of masqueraders would be better handled by the authorities. He said police would be conducting random searches and glass bottles would not be allowed. Nagessar said registration for bands has already started at the CBC offices. He said all food vendors are also asked to get registered with the borough. He said officials from the fire services expressed their concern about vendors using open flames in the presence of the public, costumes and cars.

Nagessar said the CCC hopes to meet with bandleaders today to discuss their concerns.